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Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Kunsthaus Zürich
Heimplatz 5
8001 Zürich




Participation is for free. Please register online for your participation. A registration on site at the congress secretariat is not possible.


  • Swiss Society of Neuropediatry (SSNP): 4 Credits
  • Swiss Neurological Society (SNS): 4 Credits
  • Swiss Association of Neuropsychologists (ASNP): 5 Credits
  • Swiss Society of psychiatry and psychotherapy (SSPP): 5 Credits

Organizing commitee

The Swiss Brain Health Plan is driven by the authors of the Review Article «Dem Gehirn Sorge tragen». These experts build the Swiss Brain Health Plan Task Force and suspervise the overall strategy of the plan. The plan development and implementation is under the lead of the Swiss Brain Health Plan - Core Team.

Task Force

  • Prof. Marcel Arnold, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Andrew Chan, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Kimquang Do Cuenod, MD Lausanne
  • Prof. Renaud Du Pasquier, MD, Lausanne
  • Prof. Matthias Egger, MD, Bern
  • Ansgar Felbecker, MD, St. Gallen
  • Prof. Martin Hatzinger, MD, Solothurn
  • Prof. Andrea Humm, MD, Fribourg
  • Christian Kätterer, MD, Basel
  • Prof. Andrea Klein, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Andreas Kleinschmidt, MD, Geneva
  • Prof. Karl-Olof Lövblad, MD, Geneva
  • Prof. Philippe Lyrer, MD, Basel
  • Prof. Iris-Katharina Penner, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Peter Sandor, MD, Zurzach
  • Prof. Hakan Sarikaya, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Erich Seifritz, MD, Zurich
  • Lukas Sveikata, MD, Geneva
  • Prof. Paul Unschuld, MD, Geneva
  • Prof. Michael Weller, MD, Zurich

Core Team

  • Prof. Claudio Bassetti, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Indrit Bègue, PhD, Geneva
  • Prof. Urs Fischer, MD, Basel
  • Prof. Giovanni Frisoni, MD, Geneva
  • Harald F. Grossmann, Basel
  • Prof. Raphael Guzman, MD, Basel
  • Annette Hackenberg, MD, Zurich
  • Prof. Anita Lüthi, MD, Lausanne (SSN President)
  • Prof. Luca Remonda, MD, Aarau
  • Prof. Barbara Tettenborn, MD, St. Gallen
  • Prof. Sebastian Walther, MD, Bern
  • Prof. Susanne Wegener, MD, Zurich
  • Prof. Thomas Zeltner, MD, Zurich
  • Petra Zalud, Dr. rer. nat, Basel

Professional congress organizer (PCO)

IMK - Institute for medicine and communication Ltd.
Harald F. Grossmann
Münsterberg 1
4001 Basel

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